Health info: 3rd most popular online activity after email & search

New Pew Internet research shows that health info is the 3rd most popular activity online, after emailing and search across the generations for 2010. Full article can be found via Mashable.

I am surprised that health info ranks so highly before shopping, video watching and other online activities we take for granted these days. Just re-enforces the message that digital as a channel in health communication is key, and as pharma we should play an active role in this communication channel.

Can your audience find your content, and is it delivered in the way they are looking for, because they are looking!



Game on: Safe sex video aimed at gamers


CoppaFeel! Boob Hijack for breast cancer awareness

After the recent PharmaGuy blog post with a lovely picture of my cleavage, thought would start my first blog in a while (v.sorry) talking about BOOBS!  This made me laugh, and thought it was an excellent PR activity incorporating social media into disease awareness activities. It’s a little cheeky, so please close one eye now.

CoppaFeel aims to educate young women to check their boobs for breast cancer, with the aim for British women coppin’ a feel of their boobies! Check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter page and support this cause.

CoppaFeel have incorporated a simple gorilla marketing technique by encouraging women to hijack boobs around the country to tell the mission of the organisation.The Boob Hijack aims to make Brits boob aware by ‘hijacking’ everyone and everything in sight with CoppaFeel! stickers; and get them copping-a-feel! There is also a Twibbon for tweeps to lend their support.

There is some great user-generated content, as well as some amusing Boob Hijacks across TV on YouTube. The cheekiest is probably from Bangbabes, probably not best to watch at work:

CoppaFeel have managed to get the element of social and target audience right, keep up the good work, let me know if i can help and keep coppin’ a feel 😀


Durex Baby App

Love this campaign for Durex

The app isnt real before you ask, part of the Cannes Future Lions 2010 competition

Successful viral: Teenage Pregnancy Video by Leicestershire City NHS

Viral video produced as part of the Leicester Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood Partnership’s work to help reduce teenage pregnancies in Leicester.

Leicester City has a teenage pregnancy rate that is higher than the national average, and the original viral was created back in May 2009, initially blocked within 24hrs by YouTube, is now back live. Felt this was worth re-highlight has virals were discussed at a #hcsmeu tweep up.

This video is shocking, but so are the statistics on teenage pregnancy. This video has over 992,000 views on YouTube and also housed within website Hey-Babe


Bayer Schering Pharma UK: World Haemophilia Day

For the recent World Haemophilia Day, Bayer Schering Pharma UK, launched iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as online game called Kid K Keepy Uppies.

All the proceeds from the Kid K application will go to The Haemophilia Society, a charity that works in close partnership with the NHS to provide support and advice for people with bleeding disorders.

Its a nice game, user has to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible in two minutes.  However  its a shame that in itunes, it doesnt highlight clearly the charity element to the app that 100% of profits will be going to the charity, nor does it showcase Bayer as the sponsor, but rather Langland the agency that created it. I could not find any other mobile formats, so assuming the target audience for the app isnt the children or teenagers suffering, but their parents who are likely to have these devices?

Bayer launched the iphone app with more than 200 people converging on Thorpe Park, nice touch. This is part of Bayer’s Factor Fitness website –


Collection of new digital & outdoor marketing campaigns

Great viral from the guys at Hi-Tech. So can you walk on water with your new trainers? 😀

Loved the outdoor event created by Starbucks for World Earth day in NYC, enabling people to recycle their paper cup for a reusable cup, but highlighting the importance of recycling.

Another one, for the not easily offended, approach using Chatroulette a website which pairs random strangers from around the world together for webcam-based conversations. However who is using the website to increase awareness of HIV (automatically asking people to buy and use condoms). Here is the overview:

Lastly, are you looking for a job? How one man got his dream job by spending $6 on Google ad words campaign

Shout out to (@thisisenzo and Rumour has it for this inspiration)